Just use your mouse, select different runes and place them wisely. You can learn below how you should place different runes, how you should combine them to receive the gold and what kind of possible moves are there in the game. Read more details before and don’t forget to check our game-related guides as well.

Alchemy GameFollowing game – Alchemy Game, is perfect solution for those who are searching for complicated, mind, puzzle games. This game is pretty hard and also requires from you a lot of thinking, placing all these different runes in a correct way needs some logical thinking. I must say that PopCap Games did awesome work, because no one has ever tried to create such a unique game.

So what is the main mission in this game? Of course, your number one task is to create precious metal – Gold and you must work hard to make good progress, you must work as a true alchemist! In the end, if you will make everything correctly the whole board will turn into gold. The game is pretty interesting and challenging as well.

How to play:
There are different runes or symbols in the game and you must make a couple of mistakes before you will find out the correct combination of runes. For beginners, it can be a total headache and it will seem hard as hell at first; however when you will find out the correct combination even once it will be enough to understand how this game truly works.

Generally speaking, the number one rule of the game is to place runes with the same color and shape next to each other, it doesn’t really matter if you will place it below, above or next to each other, the result will be the same. The game has also small restrictions like you are not allowed to place runes diagonally, so keep this detail in mind. Each correct decision will lead you to success, so do your best to avoid mistakes.

Game related articles

In game tips – what kind runes are there and how to combine/use them.

About game – what is your goal and how you can play it

In game tips

There are many different special runes in the game that have different functions, they are crucial if you want to finish the current level and unlock new challenges.

I will list these runes below, with images and explanation what they can do. Learn their shape well in order to not make mistakes in the game.

– this is correct combination because it groups runes of the same color.

– another correct combination of runes, because both runes have same color.

– wrong move, as you can see color and shape of these runes are different.

Now you know how exactly you can combine different runes and make gold. Now let’s see other features of the game.

– special rune, you can place next to it rune of any shape and any color.

– use this chemical if you really have to destroy some specific rune (additional effects: leaves tile below gold after usage)

– this chemical also destroys runes, but is has bigger radius of up to three tiles (!)

Now you know everything about the game, how you will use this knowledge is up to you, you will either solve all puzzles or you will fail. Anyway one way or another it is for sure that you will enjoy your time playing Alchemy Game 🙂

A lot of people ask me from time to time that game rules are way too confusing for them. I have a lot of content on my site, I explain very well what kind of runes are in the game, how you should combine these rules, what is the main objective of the game, etc. Content is there, it is no problem, problem is that people either are too lazy to read or reading is not a suitable form of learning for them. This is why I have decided to add a YouTube guide.

Below you can find the video which describes game thoroughly, if reading articles is not your thing watching video should be suitable for you.

Take a look at this video, let me know if it was helpful for you and I will add more video guides.

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Alchemy Game is very addicting and interesting; those who love puzzle games will enjoy it for sure! However, if you are more into sport games and games which involve football I recommend you to play hacked Happy Wheels, however if you want to try some crazy/funny game visit