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Amazing puzzle game, with runes and some magic in it – Alchemy Game promises to be extremely entertaining

Mind Puzzle Game

Following game – Alchemy Game, is perfect solution for those who are searching for complicated, mind, puzzle games. This game is pretty hard and also requires from you a lot of thinking, placing all these different runes in a correct way needs some logical thinking. I must say that PopCap Games did awesome work, because no one has ever tried to create such a unique game.

So what is the main mission in this game? Of course your number one task is to create precious metal – Gold and you must work hard to make good progress, you must work like a true alchemist! In the end if you will make everything correctly whole board will turn into gold. Game is pretty interesting and challenging as well.

Alchemy GameThere are different runes or symbols in the game and you must make couple of mistakes before you will find out correct combination of runes. For beginners it can be a total headache and it will seem hard as hell at first; however when you will find out correct combination even once it will be enough to understand how this game truly works.

Generally speaking, number one rule of the game is to place runes with the same color and shape next to each other, it doesn’t really matter if you will place it below, above or next to each other, result will be the same. Game has also small restriction like you are not allowed to place runes diagonally, so keep this detail in mind. Each correct decision will lead you to success, so do your best to avoid mistakes.

Alchemy Game is very addicting and interesting; those who love puzzle games will enjoy it for sure! However, if you are more into sport games and games which involve football I recommend you to play Return Man 3, however if you want to try some crazy/funny game visit