Is this game free?  There have been some rumors that game is actually paid version, this is a total lie, GAME IS 100% FREE 🙂
 How do you play it?  We already talked about it on our site, check our articles. Your main objective in the game is to combine runes and get gold.
 Is this game hard?  Like all other good puzzle games out there, an alchemy game is as well challenging and hard. This is exactly why people love it.
 Are all levels the same?  Of course not, appearance of levels as well as difficulty changes as you reach higher levels of the game.
 Are you planning to add other games?  Oh trust me, we have huge plans with this site, we add more content, more games, more articles, and more video guides. Follow our social media pages in order to not miss anything.
 Can I play it with my friends?  The game itself has multiplayer option, but you can invite your friends and play together 😀
 Do I need to install anything?  Nope, just visit our site, click play and enjoy the game. How simple can it get right?

As always we will answer all of your additional questions, if you need any help let me know via the contact form.